Baby Chiropractor Melbourne

Gentle, Low Force Chiropractor For Fertility Melbourne Dr. Jim

55 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

9646 8600

Baby Chiropractor Melbourne, Australia

55 Rouse St, Port Melbourne

9646 8600

Baby Chiropractor Melbourne Dr. Jim

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Raising Healthy Children

The Clinic of Baby Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim

Dr Jim Skivalidas, 'the baby chiropractor melbourne' has over 15 years experience with babies, children and pregnancy chiropractic care and relocated in 2011 to Port Melbourne, a beautiful bayside suburb in Melbourne.


The Baby Chiropractor’s Melbourne practice is situated at 55 Rouse Street Port Melbourne, at the corner of Rouse and Johnston Street. Previously Clarendon Chiropractic Clinic, relocated to Port Melbourne and created the Melbourne Chiropractic and Bedding Clinic which is now the home to "the Baby Chiropractor Melbourne".


We have a beautiful open space practice. There is a sense of calmness and serenity which makes for a perfect location for receiving chiropractic treatment for you and your baby.


Dr Jim is a provides expert advise in family chiropractic care and treats Mums, Dads, adults, children and the occasional pet animal! His greatest love though is treating babies and the practice sees LOTS of them!